Mission Statement:

Creating a culture of hope and opportunities!


  1. Here at The Passion Center, we are committed to serving the social, spiritual, emotional and physical needs of our growing community.
  2. Provide services which promote urban revitalization, sustainable economic development and family restoration.
  3. Stabilize the family structure by providing mental health services, early childhood education, after -school initiatives, leadership development training, coaching, and youth development.
  4. Develop strategies for meeting the academic, emotional and social needs of impoverished and undeserved young people.  Empower the youth to create and pursue meaningful alternatives to mediocrity, poverty and delinquency.
  5. Foster partnerships and collaborations with the corporate sector and government agencies in order to increase access to capital and resources for low and moderate income people.

Vida Academy:
Our goal is to equip the next generation with the resources necessary for their future. We are intentional about preparing children to be lifelong learners. Our emphasis in learning will focus on five main arenas: social, mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. These important aspects of a child’s development are met in a structured and safe environment highlighted by teachers who sincerely care and love their students.
In addition, we are proud to offer the following:
•    An environment where children build strong character traits through Biblical themes
•    A safe environment with teachers who LOVE children.
•    Facilities that are engaging, age-appropriate and inviting.
•    Licensed through NJ State Department of Human Services.
•    Community collaboration
•    Students come from a variety of ethnic backgrounds.
•    Resource to parents who have concerns about their child’s learning, physical and/or social development.
•    Parenting classes that are offered at Vida Church at no cost
•    The option of enrolling in a program that extends a child’s day beyond the preschool hours through After-Care – an after school extracurricular program and before and after school care.

Our Two’s and Three’s classes are perfect for both the first-time preschooler and for children who have previously been in a other preschool settings. The classrooms are filled with age appropriate learning, customized with rich and stimulating opportunities for all learning styles.
4 Year-Old Class
Our 4 and 5 year-old classes are designed to build into each child strong character traits through effective curriculum and Biblical themes to equip children to be lifelong learners. This is accomplished by providing independent and creative learning through hands-on experiences.

Kindergarten is a time of building a strong academic foundation and nurturing a lifelong love for learning. Our Kindergarten classroom is rich in environment, increasing your child’s motivation to learn and their opportunity for success in school. Your child will receive a quality education that will allow them to thrive in a loving and safe community and strengthen them in faith and family values. Units of study combined with Bible stories, hands on math, reading made fun, science and discovery, along with music and arts provide a road map for success. Frequent field trips are also planned to provide an enriched learning environment.

Before School Care / After School Care is designed for those enrolled in Vida Academy as well as other private and public schools in our city. This program is organized and structured with age appropriate activities. Our after care is offered from 2:30-6:00pm, Monday through Friday.
Summer Camp
Our Summer Camp is a delightful adventure children can enjoy throughout their summers.  Summer Camp is offered to Students enrolled in Vida Academy, our After School Care and as well open to the public up to the age of thirteen.  Students involved in our Summer Camp enjoy, out door weekly trips, swimming,  Leadership Track for the older students, reading assistance (keeping reading skills sharp during their summer break), arts & crafts, and several indoor sports activities held in our full-scale gymnasium. Free Lunch is served to all students enrolled in our Summer Camp.

This group focuses on healing in areas such as: Issues with the past, anxieties, addictions, feelings of guilt, depression, anger and emotional pains.   All Mentors provide group attendees the tools necessary to recover and continue living a life full of purpose and destiny.

With the decline of jobs and families experiencing the ever growing pressures of life,  both our Food Pantry and Soup Kitchen offer our community the needed essentials to continue living productive lives.    Join this passionate team and begin to serve and love our city.

The “Rec-Center” offers the community an array of healthy recreational activities to enjoy.  From indoor basketball, soccer, volleyball to aerobic sessions like ZUMBA and high-calorie burning exercises at every level.  So if your looking for some fun activities or just want to engage with your community, the Rec-Center is the place for you and the entire family to enjoy.
Make sure to view the “Community Groups” tab to see a detail schedule of family events, leagues and involvement.

Our clothing distribution has served thousands of families by affording them the necessary items to continue living productive lives.  The collaborative efforts of retail distributors, the Vida Church community, and local agencies have made this service possible.  You can help and support family’s in need by donating any unwanted clothing that you or your family will be clearing.

SHINE is our Women’s Conference which is an outreach extension of Vida Church to the community.    Each year the conference continues to grow in attendance  and has gain the public’s eye of attention.  Their holistic approach has now branched to  women’s shelter homes and organizations that focuses on treating women.  Their venues are exciting; full of laughs, and  inspiring-heartfelt messages with the purpose of empowering women.

The Staff and Volunteers of T.P.C. love serving their city.  We love it so much that you will find them doing random acts of kindness throughout the community.    These events can range from offering free water on a hot summer day, serving  a “Thanksgiving DInner” to thousands of family’s in our Rec-Center, to offering the community a “Free Car Wash and  B.B.Q., or our favorite and biggest event… “The Light Festival”- (A festival held on Halloween where whereby the entire family can enjoy a free and safe event on our campus).   Join us if your interested volunteering in any of our Love The City events.  It’s the greatest way to meet others, make an impact and simply love people!

Everyone stands for something they believe and their passionate about.  Whether it’s clean water; feeding the poor, help change the oil of a single Mom, to providing assistance to the elderly and being supportive towards those who are hurting.  That’s why I-Stand was created to sync your passions with like minded people and together make an impact.  Let us know what your passionate about and we will  connect you with others who have the same cause.  Remember,  there is strength in numbers!

Below are current programs that are being offered to families that are served through The Passion Center:

FOREST FRIENDS – An Asset building primary prevention program designed to help children between
Kindergarten and first grade learn skills in:    Conflict Resolution,    Decision Making  and  Anger

FREE LUNCH – Through collaborative efforts with the City of Perth Amboy, our Summer Camp
students are able to enjoy daily  nutritional lunch

FOOT PRINTS FOR LIFE – Footprints is a six-week program taught during Summer Camp to students
between 7 and 8 years of age. The goal of Footprints is to help young children build a strong
foundation of life skills rooted in key social competencies: planning and decision- making
practice, interpersonal skills, cultural competence, peer pressure, and peaceful conflict
resolution — assets identified as promoting positive attitudes and behaviors.  Through the use of
puppets and stories that feature “real life” situations, the program offers many opportunities for
students to practice the new skills they have learned in a fun and non- threatening way.


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