Here at PLUGGED, we believe a child can experience God regardless of their age. In Matthew 19:13-15 Jesus reinforces the life-changing significance children’s ministry can have. Teaching Biblical principals is our passion, but having great amounts of fun while we’re doing it is even better! We follow through with our churches’ vision of loving each child with the love of Jesus. In PLUGGED, we believe “real ministry” isn’t just for adults. Our goal is to come alongside you as a parent to help see your child fulfill God’s purpose and destiny.
Nursery- Each nursery class is designed to create an environment in which your child receives care and constant encouragement. We place high priority in training, development and security with all our staff to ensure both child and parent experience a service of excellence.
Preschool- “PLUGGED” is a place where your child will enjoy a high-energy atmosphere which captures young imaginations and nurtures spiritual development. Every element in PLUGGED is designed to reinforce God’s love for your child and help them develop into the person God created them to be.
Elementary- Each (6 year old to 5th graders) will experience a service that includes high-energy dancing (to get the wiggles out), worship, skits, and a relevant Biblical message design to reach this stage of life.

If we can sum up the meaning of VidaGroups in one word, it would be ‘COMMUNITY’.  The dictionary defines community as a group of people sharing common characteristics and shared values.   These small community groups are your source for support and fellowship.  It is the simplest way to develop connections and experience a sense of belonging.
“Day after day, in the temple courts and from house to house, they never stopped teaching and proclaiming the good news that Jesus is the Christ.”   … Acts 5:42
Small groups were essential to the church’s community then, and they are just as essential now.
Why not start one today?  Come and join our community of VidaGroups.

SHINE is our Women’s Conference which is considered a highlight of V.C.   The conferences have grown from serving the women in our church to now being sought after by women’s shelters and organizations that focuses on treating women.  Their venues are exciting; full of laughs, inspiring-heartfelt messages with the purpose of empowering women to grow in their relationship with Christ.

Make sure to view the ‘Community Groups’ tab to see when the next SHINE conference is held.


Our goal at Vida Church is to help you become a fully devoted follower of Christ!  Through our Connect growth-track, you will be able to learn spiritual tools necessary to make this happen.
From the beginning stages of accepting Jesus as your Lord, to spiritual growth, and into a fulfillment of God’s purpose and destiny for your life.
For a listing of these events by date and location, please contact us..

C1 –  This class serves as an Introduction to our vision, answering why we do what we do, our beliefs
and how you can become part of our growing community.
C2 –  In week two all student will explore one major point…”What it means to become a fully
devoted follower of Christ”.  Here we will learn personal growth,  Bible, prayer, worship, and
C3 –  Our final session will Discover your unique God-designed purpose and how you can make an
impact within your circle of influence.

FUZE is the youth ministry of V.C.  We have a strong passion for developing this great generation of young people.  We provide environments suitable for spiritual growth, a sense of community and unforgettable  life-changing experiences.

It is said that the first few seconds of any person entering a church, will provide enough information as to whether or not they feel welcomed and  possibly return.    At V.C. our Host Team’s goal is to serve all, love all and offer everyone a sense of feeling at home.  You’re family!

RADICAL is the Men’s gathering for V.C.  The gatherings offer men the opportunity to meet new men looking for a sense of community, a time of fellowship, mentoring, outings and workshops to empower men to live out their purpose with confidence.
Make sure to view the ‘Community Groups’ tab to see when the next RADICAL event is held.

This group focuses on healing in areas such as: Issues with the past, anxieties, addictions, feelings of guilt, depression, anger and emotional pains.   All Mentors provide group attendees the tools necessary to recover and continue living a life full of purpose and destiny.

With the decline of jobs and families experiencing the ever growing pressures of life,  both our Food Pantry and Soup Kitchen offer our community the needed essentials to continue living productive lives.    Join this passionate team and begin to serve and love our city.


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